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Professional Masonry Contractors in Mobile, Alabama & Surrounding Areas

Capital City Properties offers professional bricklaying and brickwork services including new construction, masonry walls, chimney and fireplace restoration, brick restoration for any application, brick sills and block foundations, and repair and removal.  There are a large number of brick and stonework manufacturers, yet our masons can ofte, many times determine who made the original brick and try to obtain more of the same material from the manufacturer, or find a comparable match if the original company is not a reasonable option. We will bring samples out before any laying is done to make sure you are satisfied with the match.

We are also masonry repair experts, and we can inspect your fireplace and chimney for problems related to cracks or deterioration, lightning damage, water leaks, or smoking problems. For fireplace repairs and reconstruction, Capital City Properties can restore both beauty and function to masonry fireplaces across the Mobile, Alabama area. Tuckpointing saves a lot of money if you do it before it’s too late. If you don’t tuckpoint when your stone or brick wall needs it, the masonry wall will deteriorate to the point that the only fix is to tear it down and re-lay it.

From new masonry and bricklaying, to masonry and bricklaying repairs, Capital City Properties has the knowledge, experience and pricing that you are looking for - and we get the job done right the first time. Not sure what will fit into your masonry budget or are you ready to get a free estimate for bricklaying service?

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